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Fun Money cards are distributed by Haverkamp Properties monthly for up to 4,000 residents regionally, based on unit size or special incentive. No more than one month’s worth is given at any time.


Fun Money cards may also be reused by local businesses as bonuses for customers or employees as desired.

Haverkamp Properties residents bring Fun Money to locally participating businesses and exchange for goods or services.

No change is given back to the resident if the total does not reach $10.

You have the freedom to set restrictions for your business.

I.e. only one card per transaction, may not combine with other coupon, etc...




Participating businesses turn in the used Fun Money cards to Haverkamp Properties to receive reimbursement.


$7.50 is reimbursed per $10 Fun Money card within 30 days of receipt of the cards in the form of a mailed check.


DEFACED CARD POLICY: Fun Money cards are typically reused. Reimbursement of defaced, damaged, or voided cards may be reduced based on the estimated replacement cost.

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